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Foil Medicine Packaging


Foil medicine packaging is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Foil medicine packaging solves many problems, including preserving and extending product freshness, ensuring medical products, which are safe and user-friendly. Huanyisheng provides foil medicine packaging with  adhesive coating, heat seal and custom printed foils for blister packaging. Bangbeijian produces high-quality medicine packaging that is easy to open.

Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry choose heat sealing aluminum foil for blister packagingare, which characterized by moisture resistance, high quality, durability, and low cost effectiveness.




From cold-formed blister foils, aluminum liddin foils, tropical blister foils, CR to SF packaging, we can provide the corresponding foil packaging to meet customer needs. For the solid oral dosages, aluminum medicine packaging can ensure the highest barrier against moisture, light, oxygen and gases. In addition, aluminum foil performs exceptionally well on the blister packaging machines, providing higher yields with minimal waste.



Our foil medicine packagings have excellent quality and provide a user-friendly, safe and versatile packaging format for pharmaceutical tablets, creams, liquids and powders. Huanyisheng is the most standard factory in the industry, producing a variety of foil medicine packaging. During the manufacturing period, we use safe and high quality manufacturing technology, and the production environment is also well received by customers. Please contact us, if you have interest in our product! We will provide you with the best quality service.

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