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Various high-end exquisite packages

We can provide six types of packaging, including four-side sealing paper and plastic packaging, foil packaging, soft double aluminum packaging, hard double aluminum packaging, bottle and full package. What’s more, Huanyisheng has a hard capsule, tablet, powder, tea, granules, effervescent tablets, probiotics, and many other dosage form production lines. If you want to know more, please visit our products.

1. Powder processing

2. Printing of aluminum foil packaging materials

3. Soft double aluminum laminates

4. Hard double aluminum laminates

5. Packaging of pharmaceutical plastic bottles

The Benefits of Pill Blister Pack

1. Packaging that Protects Product Success

Pill blister packs are designed to protect medications, which are safe and convenient to use. Pill blister packs can protect medications from damage or degradation to ensure patient safety. The choice of packaging is often critical to the success of pharmaceutical products. Pill blister packaging made with Huanyisheng can protect drugs from humidity and contamination for an extended period of time, thereby increasing their shelf life.

2. Excellent Protection from Oxygen and Water Vapour

Our pill blister pack serves the global pharmaceutical market. The packaging provide long-term drug safety even in the most demanding climates. The pill blister pack provides a good barrier to both oxygen and water vapor, and also protects from aroma and flavour loss or pickup.


Why Huanyisheng?

Huanyisheng has a professional scientific research team, high technology, advanced production line, quality control system. We are committed to providing customers with the best quality products and professional, fast, efficient service, so that you have no worries. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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