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Capsule Shell Manufacturing

Capsules are a common and easy-to-manufacture pharmaceutical dosage form, which are gelatin, collagen, or cellulose-based containers that encapsulate a drug in solid, paste, or liquid form. Capsules usually contain a single dose of the active ingredient and are taken orally. It is critical that the API filled during capsule production should not attack the outer shell and release the capsule's contents. In addition, the shell helps delay the release of API into the digestive tract.

There are generally two types of capsules: hard gelatin capsules and soft gelatin capsules. Hard gelatin capsules consist of two parts, one is the body and the other is the body cap. When two drugs of different nature are added to the capsule, one of them should be in the form of a tablet, pill or small capsule and then packed into a large capsule. Soft gelatin capsules, also known as softgels, are suitable for non-aqueous solutions such as oils. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is dissolved or suspended in an oil-based form.

Industrial Processing at Capsule Shell Manufacturing

Shell making begins with the preparation of gelatin made from collagen or other cellulose preparations. Several forming pins made of standardized steel are then dipped into the gelatin to form the cap and body. The pin is transferred to a dry area while rotating about its axis to distribute the gelatin evenly. Once dry, the capsule body and lid halves are peeled off the pins, cut to the correct length, and joined together in a final step into a pre-locked position, before popping them into containers for shipping and powder filling.

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Introduction to Empty Capsule Shells of our Company

With the advanced automatic production lines in the world, the capsule shells are made of the best pharmaceutical gelatins or natural plants, which conform to the GMP requirements for international pharmaceutical excipients, have obtained the certification for the ISO9000 Quality Management System and the ISO14000 Environmental Management System, and ensure that the products meet the specifications in the pharmacopoeias worldwide. Featuring excellent bioavailability, the capsule shells can be dissolved and absorbed rapidly and safely at a specified time. We can ensure that each capsule of us is safe and reliable with high quality.

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